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How It Works

Quick Summary
  • We meet four (4) times a year, for one hour, to nominate 501(c)3 non-profits
    that provide services within the Oswego, Montgomery and Yorkville communities.

  • Each Member commits to donating $100 per meeting ($400 per year) or
    commits as a team (2 or 4 women, $400 per year total).

  • Any member of the group can nominate a local non-profit organization.

  • Three nominations are chosen at random, and after brief presentations by those
    nominating members, all members vote for one organization to support.

  • Everyone writes a $100 check, on the spot, directly to the awarded non-profit.

Meeting Arrival
  • When you arrive, members will check in. Those who have signed a Commitment Form
    and are current with donations will receive a voting ballot. (Teams receive one ballot.)  

  • Commitment Forms are available for any new members joining that night.

  • We also welcome those who want to come and experience a meeting before joining.

If you are interested in ordering a drink and/or dinner, please arrive early.

Meeting Arrival
  • Any current member who has signed a Commitment Form and who is up-to-date with donations (member in good standing) may nominate an organization/cause for consideration at a meeting. 

  • Members who wish to submit an organization/cause for consideration need to complete a Charity Nomination Form and be ready to make a 5-minute (or less) presentation at the meeting to the members. You may only nominate one organization/cause per meeting. 

  • Charities must serve the Oswego, Montgomery and Yorkville communities and
    ideally be a non-profit 501(c)3 organization (for tax and possible gift matching purposes).

  • Three organization names will be randomly drawn at the meeting.

  • The nominating member makes a 5-minute presentation followed by Q&A. If more than one person nominates the same organization/cause all are invited to make the presentation together. This presentation must be made by a member of 100+ Women Who Care of OMY chapter, who may or may not be a member/staff of the organization/cause she has nominated.

  • After the 3 presentations are made, we vote. Each member will vote by secret ballot for one of the three organizations/causes. (Teams receive ONE ballot equal to only one vote.)

  • Ballots are collected and tallied at the meeting, and the non-profit with the most votes is awarded the full amount of the donation.   

  • All members and teams write their $100 checks to the awarded organization/cause. As a committed member, we ask that you support the non-profit that receives the most votes, even if you personally voted for another. All members are required to fulfill her commitment of writing a $100 check.*

  • For members not able to attend, please give your check to a member to deliver on your behalf, OR checks may be mailed after the meeting. Details will come in follow-up email.

Check Collection & Presenting Our Gift
  • Checks must be in within 21 days to remain in good standing.

  • Once all of the members’ donations are collected, a representative from 100+ Women Who Care OMY will contact the non-profit and set-up a time to present our gift. 

  • All members are welcome to attend.

For more questions, check out our FAQ.

Check Collection & Presenting Our Gift
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