How It Works

Quick Summary
  • We meet four (4) times a year, for one hour, to nominate any 501(c)3 non-profits
    that provide services within the Oswego, Montgomery and Yorkville communities.

  • Each Member commits to donating $100 per meeting ($400 per year) or
    commits as a team (2 or 4 women, $400 per year total).

  • Any member of the group can nominate a local non-profit organization.

  • Three nominations are chosen at random, and after brief presentations by those
    nominating members, all members vote for one organization to support.

  • Everyone writes a $100 check, on the spot, directly to the awarded non-profit.

Meeting Arrival
  • When you arrive, members will check in. Those who have signed a Commitment Form
    and are current with donations will receive a voting ballot. (Teams receive one ballot.)  

  • Commitment Forms are available for any new members joining that night.

  • We also welcome those who want to come and experience a meeting before joining.

If you are interested in ordering a drink and/or dinner, please arrive early.

  • Any current member who has signed a Commitment Form and who is up-to-date with donations (member in good standing) may nominate an organization for consideration at a meeting. 

  • Members who wish to submit an organization for consideration must complete a Charity Nomination Form and be ready to make a 5-minute or less presentation at the meeting to the members. You may only nominate one organization per meeting. 

  • Charities must serve the Oswego, Montgomery and Yorkville communities 
    and be a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  

  • Three organization names will be randomly drawn at the meeting.

  • The nominating member makes a 5-minute presentation followed by Q&A. If more than one person nominates the same charity both are invited to make the presentation together. This presentation must be made by a member of 100+ Women Who Care of OMY chapter, who may or may not be a member/staff of the non-profit she has nominated.

  • After the 3 presentations are made, we vote. Each member will vote by ballot for one of the three organizations. (Teams of two or four members have ONE ballot equal to only one vote.)

  • Ballots are collected and tallied at the meeting, and the non-profit with the most votes is awarded the full amount of the donation.   

  • All members and teams write their $100 checks to the awarded non-profit. As a committed member, we ask that you support the non-profit that receives the most votes, even if you personally voted for another. All members are required to fulfill her commitment of writing a $100 check.*

  • For members not able to attend, please give your check to a member to deliver on your behalf, OR checks may be mailed after the meeting. 

* Our chapter is unique in that we have a PB&J option. See details below.

Check Collection & Presenting Our Gift
  • Checks must be in within 30 days to remain in good standing.

  • Once all of the members’ donations are collected, a representative from 100+ Women Who Care OMY will contact the non-profit and set-up a time to present our gift. 

  • All members are welcome to attend.

For more questions, check out our FAQ.

PB&J Option

You know the nights mom made dinner and for a host of reasons someone won't eat it? So then the  back-up was peanut butter and jelly (PB&J). Same goes for our chapter. If for any reason a member simply cannot write a check to the organization that received the most votes, she still needs to fulfill her commitment of writing a $100 check, but she can write her check to our current PB&J instead. (We vote each April on who the PB&J will be for the next year.)


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